About Us

Everything you need to know about American Public Resource

Who we are.

American Public Resource is meant to help politicians, Political Action Committees, and political parties connect with and find people who will believe in what they do. We do so utilizing the years of data that we have developed over the years.

How we do it.

With our huge database of known donors, and years of experience, we contact people through phone, mail, and online to bring you revenue. The best part of this is that it costs you nothing. We simply work for a portion of what we bring. We invest our own money, time, energy and effort into these campaigns and simply bring you the fruit of our efforts.

We take on all the risk and cost associated with fundraising because we are so confident that we can bring in more than we spend that we put our money where our mouth is, literally. We do so with the utmost care towards the people we call on the phone, contact via mail, or contact online because we KNOW that we will interact with many of them again at a later date. We have been doing this for years and will continue to do it for years to come.
We are the ideal employee, you can never lose money by hiring us.

Why we do it.

It is hard work to raise funds. We know because we have been doing it day in and day out for decades. We also have heard horror stories from people being taken advantage of by list sellers, or companies that promise revenue from online campaigns, and many other shocking tales. All of these places make plenty of promises but then require initial investments from people in order to 'make it happen'. Of course all of these horror stories end in 'we paid more out than we got in the door'.

So we offer a better way. We are an advertising agency that guarantees you money for hiring us. We believe that the donations that people make should go toward the ideas and thoughts that they are donating money for. Not having all of it eaten up in mail, or online advertising, or additional overhead costs. That is why we guarantee a portion of every dollar raised will go to the actual cause EVEN IF WE LOSE MONEY. How can we make this promise? Simple, we have learned how to never lose money. We are that good.

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