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Experience Matters

You never go to a gourmet restaurant and find out the head chef is an 18 year old cook in the back. The reason is simple, it takes time to perfect a craft. We have been learning how to communicate effectively over the phone, through mail, and in person for enough time to perfect our craft.


Data Driven Results

We have made a science out of understanding who people are, what method of communications they respond to best, and utilize proprietary algorithms to connect with the highest probability of success tailored to each clients needs.


Technological Advantage

We have created technology that allow us to connect with more people, with less cost, than anyone else. This technology allows us to create standards that are unheard of in the industry, ensuring every communication is the most effective, and respectful that it can be.

Specializing in PAC's

A single voice has the ability to make a difference.

However, there is a large difference between the discordant harmony of thousands and thousands of individuals speaking at once and the unified power of all these same voices speaking in unison.

Just like the difference between a single singer and chorus, a political action committee has the opportunity to unify these voices into a single, powerful voice, capable of shaping the political landscape.

We act as the bridge between Political Action Committees and the people who would, if they knew about your cause, join their voices to yours. Giving your message the power of numbers to be heard above the discordant fray of other ideas and thoughts.

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The telephone is one of the most effective, low cost methods to raise funds and find people who believe in what it is you are doing.

The telephone has had many negative connotations associated with it over the years by media.

Yet it is and remains one of the most powerful communication techniques in the world. The reason is simple. It allows you to quickly talk to people, let them voice their thoughts and feelings, and connect on a one on one basis. No other medium, not the internet, television, radio, or mail does this.

We have perfected reaching out to people on the phone. We can do so respectfully, with consistent results, giving them a personalized message that allows them to engage with Political Action Committees, Candidates, and other groups. We know who responds on the telephone, and who does not. This means that we avoid many of the people who do not want to contacted in this manner before we even pick up the phone!

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Mail Services

Mail campaigns are a great way to maintain a relationship with your base.

There are significant problems with using only mail campaigns rather than using it in conjunction with the phone.

First is cost. To obtain a contribution through mail it can be a loss leader in comparison to the phone, meaning you will initially spend more in mail costs then you obtain in contributions. This is because, much like addressing a complaint to the White House, people receive a lot of mail and it is very impersonal.

We understand the role that mail plays in a well thought out campaign and how to best utilize it in conjunction with all aspects of interacting with people.

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Online Marketing

An online presence is needed to create a central point of contact and validation for what it is you are trying to accomplish.

However much like mail, the cost per acquisition can become difficult to stomach. We all want to believe that the internet is a simple place to find like minded individuals. As you begin to market and attempt to attract people to follow you it is a black hole that sucks money into the hands of a few corporations.

There is a time and a place for internet marketing and we excel at it. However we offer few illusions. It is a difficult marketplace with many other people clamoring to be heard, much like mail people are constantly assaulted by ads and it is hard to differentiate yourself from others.

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